Medical Background

Important information for your forthcoming appointment at Cabinet de la Muette

  • Please cancel your appointment immediately if you have symptoms or signs of infection such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing.
  • Please bring your own mask to the appointment. It is obligatory to wear one, and it is also obligatory to rub your hands with alcohol gel on entering the offices.
  • Please be on time. We cannot see patients arriving late to avoid crowding of our waiting room. If you are early, please wait outside the office.
  • Please come alone to your appointment.
  • Please bring your own pen and pay by credit card if possible.
  • Please note our local Pharmacy, la pharmacie du Marché de Passy (2 place de Passy 75116 Paris 01 42 88 01 76), can provide masks for appointments. You need to phone them in advance and reserve AFNOR masks for an appointment with Dr Jolly or Dr Gunoy. They are reusable 10 times.

Quelques précisions importantes pour votre rendez-vous au Cabinet de la Muette

  • Merci d’annuler immédiatement votre rendez-vous si vous présentez des signes infectieux tels que fièvre et/ou toux.
  • Merci de venir au rdv avec votre propre masque (il est obligatoire d’en porter un) et il est aussi obligatoire de se frictionner les mains au gel hydroalcoolique dès l'entrée au cabinet.
  • Merci d’arriver à l’heure. Les retardataires ne seront pas reçus pour ne pas encombrer la salle d’attente. Et si vous êtes en avance il faudra attendre à l’extérieur du cabinet.
  • Ne pas venir accompagné 
  • Merci de bien vouloir amener votre propre stylo 
  • Merci de régler de préférence par carte bancaire
  • À noter que la pharmacie du Marché de Passy (2 place de Passy 75116 Paris 01 42 88 01 76) propose des masques aux normes AFNOR agrées par l’Etat réutilisable 10 fois. Si vous souhaitez vous en procurer il faut les appeler pour les réserver. 

Useful Telephone Numbers & Addresses

Principal Emergency Telephone Numbers

112 European-wide Emergency number – if you are witness to or involved in an accident or simply do not know who to call. They will redirect you to the appropriate service.
15 SAMU Centre (Service d'Aide Médicale Urgente). Serious emergencies - to get an emergency medical team to come in a life-threatening situation, or to be redirected to an on-call medical care team.
17 Police intervention
18 Sapeurs pompiers (firemen/paramedics) Fire, accidents and medical emergencies. Apart from fire emergencies the pompiers are also there for problems like cardiac arrests, severe breathlessness and choking.
114 Emergency SMS/Fax number for people with hearing or speaking difficulties who cannot use an ordinary telephone and are witness to or victim of an accident (fire, road accident, sudden illness, fall) 
ENT and Eye emergencies
Dental emergencies:  for an on-call dentist
Psychiatric Emergencies or
Poison control (Paris)
Cardiac Crisis helpline
SOS Suicide prevention
Racial discrimination (Victim and/or witness) 114
Red Cross
SAMU Social for social emergencies e.g. homelessness 115
Severe Burns (lesgrands brûlures)
Child Burn Center, Hôpital Trousseau
Adult Burn Center, Hôpital Cochin:
Pediatrics emergency at home (Paris)
Child abuse information  119 or
SOS Incest information
SOS Missing children information 116 or
Drugs and Alcohol
Drug Tobacco Alcohol Crisis Centre  113 or
Drug Overdose Centre
Alcooliques Anonymes 24-hour AA
SOS Battered women information
Viol Rape information;
Domestic violence (Victim and/or witness) 3919
Birth Control, Abortion, STDs information

24 Hour Pharmacies

Pharmacie des Champs
84, av des Champs Elysées, 75008 Paris
Métro: Champs Elysées-Etoile:
Pharmacie de la Poste
26, rue de Paris, 93100 Montreuil
Métro: Croix-de-Chavaux:
Out-of-hours Pharmacy (Pharmacie de garde)
To find the nearest pharmacy open near to your home, telephone: 3237

SOS Help Line

English speaking support service in France

SOS Help is a listening line in English, confidential, anonymous, non-judgemental and non-denominational. Trained listeners are available every day of the year from 3pm to 11 pm. If you are lonely, depressed, under stress, or just need a listening ear, call  01 46 21 46 46.
Want to help? Visit, to see how.

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