French Healthcare System

IMPORTANT: When you come into the surgery for an appointment you must read and follow our COVID 19 instructions on this page.
From May 11th we continue to offer video consultations via Doctolib as well as the usual in-person medical and gynaecological appointments.
Please click on Dr Jolly's Doctolib link using the 'En vidéo' option. (After registration, Doctolib will inform you how to pay and how to effect the video consultation and the equipmenty needed)
Canada visa applicants can book via Doctolib (but video consultation is not possible).

IMPORTANT : Avant de venir au cabinet pour un rendez-vous, vous devez lire et suivre nos instructions COVID 19 sur cette page
À partir du 11 mai nous continuons d'offrir des consultations en vidéo via Doctolib pour les problèmes médicaux et gynécologiques aussi bien que les rendez-vous face-à- face. Veuillez cliquer sur ce lien Doctolib et choisir l'option 'En vidéo'. (Une fois enrégistré, Doctolib vous en communiquera le mode d'emploi.)
Pour le Visa Canadien le rendez-vous pour l'examen médical peut toujours se faire via Doctilib, mais l'option vidéo n'est pas possible.

The French Healthcare System

Register with a general practitioner (Médecin traîtant)

In France, since 2005 you must register with a general practitioner (Médecin traîtant) to be maximally reimbursed by the Social Security for your appointments, further examinations and specialist referrals. You can register with Doctor Jolly.

Payment and reimbursement

Patients must pay their doctors directly at the time of the consultation by cash or by cheque (Dr Jolly does not accept credit or debit cards) and will receive a receipt for the French Social Security (Feuille de soins) or a receipt in English for private insurance purposes.

In France, a doctor can be either conventioné or non-conventioné. For the Conventioné doctors, there are two sectors:

Sector 1 doctors have a fixed rate of consultation defined by the Social Security (e.g. in 2017, 23 euros for a general medical appointment) of which 65% is reimbursed by Social Security. Of the 23 euros, Social Security always keeps 1 euro that is not reimbursed.

Sector 2 doctors can charge different rates (honoraires libres) and only the first 23 euros are reimbursed by the Social Security at the same rate as Sector 1. The remainder is normally covered by private health insurance (e.g. a mutuelle or private insurance). The rate will depend on the specific insurance coverage and contract for which you have opted.

Sector 3 doctors are considered to be non-conventioné doctors who also charge different rates (honoraires libres) but only the first euro is reimbursed by the Social Security The remainder is normally covered by private health insurance. (e.g. a mutuelle or private insurance). The rate will depend on the specific insurance coverage and contract for which you have opted.

Dr Jolly is classified as a Secteur 3, non-conventioné Doctor. She was invited to set up practice at the IHFB hospital due to the important role she plays as a medical practitioner in coordinating between different health systems. This is why she has the status of ‘Médecin Généraliste Specialisé’.  Please note however that all Dr Jolly’s and Dr Gunoy’s prescriptions for medications, laboratory tests, x-rays, scans, etc., are reimbursed at the standard rates for the conventionés Sectors 1 and 2.

If you have no French Social Security or mutuelle, your private medical insurance will reimburse you on the basis of a 'pay and claim' procedure and we will complete the relevant forms necessary for reimbursement.

Doctor Gunita Jolly

General Practitioner, Adults and Children
Trained at Guy's Hospital, London

Doctor Denise Gunoy

General Practitioner, Monday clinics, childhood vaccinations, gynaecology, visas & travel information
Trained at University Paris VII Denis Diderot

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